One of my senior's biggest concerns before her session is "what do I wear?". This is the most common question and I spend a lot of time educating my seniors with my pinterest boards, examples, and of course my very own BKP Senior Magazine! I always try to stress "leave the cotton at home."  It's ok for school or to wear out to dinner with your friends, but for your senior pictures you want something that really stands out. Cotton is ok for layering (as you will see in some of these examples). This year I am really trying to emphasize TEXTURES for a more editorial style of photography. Lace, leather, sequins, jean-these are all examples of textures.

First of all, I love me some Emily Maynard (The Bachelorette, 2012). If you look her up on pinterest you won't find one picture where she doesnt look picture perfect and put together. I love how she mixed a basic graphic tee ( You can get a similar one at Nordstrom, Wet Seal, Free People) AND layered it with a blue bandeau. She then paired it with a sequin skirt and perfect accessories for the perfect rocker chic look.


I am loving the 90's-inspired style her lately. I love how she paired her vintage graphic tee with this adorably perfect 90s skirt (hello goodwill). The plaid shirt and leather accessories are everything. I can't see her shoes but I am betting they are some sort of grunge boots. My 90's heart is swooning.


Boho fashion is quickly growing on me, but only if you do it right! Floral is huge this season, it's pretty much the new black. It replaces the black cotton dress. Headpieces are also very in this season. I love the blonde's messy hair and textured jacket that she has paired with some cut off shorts. You're going to see a more defined style out of me this year and I feel very inspired right now just looking at these girls <3PIN

This look is total girly girl and reminds me of a modern Audrey Hepburn. This velvet crop top paired with a herringbone pattern skirt and chic heels is everything. My girls are loving crop tops right now and the high waisted skirt is pretty much for ANY body type.


While we are on the topic of textures, below is a good example of UPDATING your textures. Instead of the basic lace dress that has been so popular for 3 years, update your lace dress with this trendy two-peice from For Love & Lemons (try for something a little cheaper). The lace is updated with some pattern mixing and paired with this beautiful hat and brass jewelry is just updating a classic.


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