Scott County High School

2016 Senior Model

Pro hair and makeup by PinkLouLou

I first met Livi and her mom, Yvette, at one of my 2016 senior model meetings and I just fell in love!  They are both the sweetest little thangs ever! This is the second time we shot together and I just love all of the looks that Livi put together. I truly enjoyed walking around and talking to her and her mom during the session. We talked about Livi's boyfriend, Breaking Bad, cancer (Yvette is a true survivor!) and even danced to some music (something I need to do more often BTW!).

We were blessed with beautiful summer weather the ENTIRE session. The sun was out, it was cooler evening, which made our car changes a little better ;). Her and Yvette were SO easy to work with. I am always impressed at how grounded and sweet all of my girls are and Livi was no exception, but after meeting both her parents, I can totally see why! Her true beauty shinned the entire session and I really didn't have to direct her much at all (makes my job SUPER easy!). She is a true beauty, inside and out.



2016 Senior Model

Dunbar High School

Pro hair and makeup by PinkLouLou

Remember that time we hopped in the car and drove over an hour to my dad's house in Marion County JUST to use an old vintage car? I do and it was SO MUCH FUN! Brittany, one of my 2016 Senior Models, just had THE BEST ideas like, everrrrr. It all started when her mom Tina, asked me if I had a vintage car laying around somewhere. I was pretty much like um no, but thankfully my dear ol' dad, collector of all things old and vintage (aka things in NEED of major repair), had one that he had just purchased. He asked me if I could wait until he fixed it up a little. Clearly he doesn't know how that the older the better.

So we all hop in the car, drive, and literally we just stopped off the side of the road and shot for 2 hours. I loved every second of it. We stopped so much that I was afraid we would run out of time to do the vintage car shots. One of my biggest complaints about living in lexington is everything is fenced, private property, ect. So it was a breath of fresh air to have some freedom. Also, have to give a shout out to my awesome photographer cousin, Kim, for the awesome spots she suggested.

One of my favorite shots is actually Brittany in the black lace dress. We almost didn't even stop here but I made an executive decision and so glad I did. I truly believe that this session is EXACTLY how Brittany actually is. She is my little hippie wanderlust <3

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Gosh this post is A LONG TIME COMING! In November 2014 I signed an 18 month lease on an adorably cute studio in the Hamburg area (right behind Meijer). Myself along with 3 other business-minded women came together to share a studio space, which we call Blush Studio. The_STUDIOPIN On a Whim Photography (Brooke Bailey), Tietheknothair (Kayla Jackson) and Southern Belle Glitz (Natalie Tipton) and Brandi Kristina Photography (of course!) all share a space together! We each have our own offices and run our businesses separately. We just have so much fun working together and I so enjoy spending time with them. BKP_STUDIO2PIN My seniors meet at my studio space for Meet & Greets, hair & makeup and Premier Ordering Sessions. It's such a refreshing feeling to have space to call your own. If there are any photographers out there contemplating a studio space I say GO FOR IT! I shudder to think of the days before I had a studio and sharing it with these amazing women not only makes me feel like I have an actual job BUT its nice to have other women to share my business experiences with <3
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