Choosing The Falsies Perfect For You

Choose The Falsies Perfect For You

Eyelashes could be a pain to deal with if you are not accustomed to wearing them. They can either be your best friend or your worst enemy. Either way eyelashes are meant to be for your benefit, to enhance your eyes and tie together your makeup look. Don’t give up on falsies, it takes time to get used to them and once you do they will be your go to, to complete your makeup looks. To start off it’s important to choose lashes that you are comfortable with and that fit your needs. Depending on your eye shape make sure to get lashes that suit you.

Round eyes: Choose a dramatic lash where the lashes go upwards and are also thin instead of voluminous Close-set eyes: Select lashes that are thick with volume on the outer edges Hooded eyes: Choose lashes that are medium in length and volume

Wide-set eyes: Select lashes that are long in length and volume towards the middle of the lash

Almond Eyes: Most lash styles go well with almond eyes

Remember to choose lashes that you enjoy and that accommodate your style. If you are into the dramatic look go towards the long voluminous lashes. If you like to keep it simple go towards the medium length lashes. Overall you can always trim your lashes if they are too long. Stick to what makes you feel best and play around with falsies.