How To Prep For Your Senior Session {Lexington KY Senior Photographer}

Hello Beauties! Preparing for your senior session is so exciting, but it can be a little overwhelming too. I am passionate about what I do and I absolutely LOVE helping my girls prepare for their senior sessions. This blog post can apply to ANY senior who is preparing for their senior portraits, and not just my girls ;).

2 weeks before your session

-If you haven't already start getting your outfits picked out and prepared. I insist my girls send me snaps of each outfit a few days before so I can choose the right location for EACH outfit.

-Make sure you are getting plenty of water and watching what you eat (avoiding greasy foods, too much sugar, caffeine, ext. ESP for my girls who feel they bloat easily. I know I am one!).

-Try to avoid getting sunburnt (more about tanning below). USE SUNSCREEN.

1 week prior to your session

-Continue drinking water and avoiding greasy foods, too much sugar, and caffeine

-Snap a picture of each outfit and send it over to you photographer.

-This is a great time to trim your hair. I recommend that my girls have a fresh trim before their senior session. It helps the hair hold a curl better and it just looks healthier and shinier.

-If you choose to get any facials or skin treatments now is a good time to do so. If your skin has a reaction or gets red easily this will give it plenty of time to adjust.

2 days before your session

-Wax eye brows no later than 48 hours before your session to avoid redness/irritation

-get your lash fill in (if you have extensions!)

-Up the water intake! and continue to avoid greasy foods, too much sugar, and caffeine (you can do it!).

-If you spray tan now is the perfect time for a spray tan! I wouldn't go too dark so it will look natural in your portraits. Also, don't feel like you have to fake tan before your senior session. Sometimes natural IS best <3

-Iron each item of clothing and place neatly on a hanger.

-Confirm with your photographer if he/she has not yet done so.

The night before

-Keep drinking that water!

-Try and get plenty of sleep

-Make sure you pack appropriate undergarments for your outfits (preferably nude)

-pack some water and light snacks for your shoot

-Lastly, savor each minute! Likely the next milestone in your life will be college graduation and your next photographic milestone will be your wedding <3