Maximizing College Tours

Maximizing College Tours

Quote: “Everything you do now is for your future” Question: Where are you going to spend your next four years after high school?

Finding the perfect school for you is not an easy process. There are a lot of factors to consider when deciding which college you would like to attend. Maximizing college tours is the way to begin your search for the school that suits you.

When Should I Begin Visiting Colleges? Summer is the most convenient time to visit colleges, but it is strongly recommended to visit a college when it is in full swing. During the summer most of the faculty along with the student body is away on break. This will not allow you to get a clear picture about the college’s environment. Also whenever you are on vacation make a detour to a nearby college.

What Types of Colleges Should I Visit? Although you might have in mind what type of college you would like to attend, you should visit a large state university, a smaller university, and a liberal arts college. You can be surprised and change your mind on what type of college you would like to attend. Be open to visiting a variety of colleges.

What If the College You Want To Visit Is Far Away? Take the opportunity to stop and visit colleges when on vacation. You are already there and you will not be there anytime soon. Also there are now 3D virtual tours of colleges which you could view from the pleasure of your home. Go online and investigate if your college has this option available.

What To Get Out of a Visit? Ask questions! Get information from your tour guide and the students in campus. They will be able to answer your questions and provide opinions you can take inconsideration. Ask about the typical class size, so you can make sure it’s what you can adapt to. You should ask about sororities and fraternities on campus and get a feel for what they are all about. It is also important to ask about college safety, what kind of protection is available, ask a student if they feel safe when walking on campus at night, and about security. Visit the library to see what is offered like academic support facilities or tutors. Make sure you visit the housing to see if you can see yourself living there. Lastly do not forget to view the dining hall and anything else you may be interested in.