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Welcome to Brandi Kristina Photography! Brandi is a nationally published senior portrait photographer in Lexington, KY and the surrounding areas. She gives her clients a luxury boutique service that they cannot fine anywhere else. Her style is BOLD, MODERN, and CLEAN. She not only creates works of art for her clients that they can enjoy from years to come, but instills confidence into the lives of young women that proves invaluable . Her goal during your session is to bring out your unique personality and preserving it through high quality custom heirloom products. A session with Brandi isn't just a session. She is a low-volume photographer and only takes on about 40-50 sessions per year. This allows her to spend hours with each senior, carefully going over wardrobe and vision with great detail detail.  She also offers in-studio premier viewing and ordering, working with each client individually to meet their needs whether they want a beautiful canvas or a custom-made album.  Her goal is to provide her seniors with a one-of-a-kind, exclusive, and most sought after senior portrait experience! CalliePIN   Professional Hair and Makeup Application by PinkLouLou Your session will get started with professional makeup application by PINKLOULOU! I love this part of the day! It will really help you feel like a superstar during your session. Remember that it is important to be on time because it will cut into your shooting time. Professional makeup is, in my opinion, one of the most important aspects of being photographed. A professional makeup artists knows what makeup and shades work on different skin tones and can even out skin to make it look flawless. It takes the stress out of doing it yourself, plus who doesn't like to be pampered a little bit?! Why PROFESSIONAL makeup? Professional makeup is awesome because it is absolutely FLAWLESS on camera but it is also incredibly lightweight, long-lasting and waterproof, which means you won't be sweating your makeup off on hotter days. Airbrush makeup minimizes skin imperfections and evens out the skin tone while giving skin a naturally beautiful looking finish. Allison from Pinkloulou applying makeup to Emily.



What do I wear? This is one of my most asked questions from my seniors and their moms! ALL of my seniors get a BKP Welcome packet that comes with a 76 page What to Wear guide! I also use pinterest to collaborate with my seniors vision. You only get your senior photos taken ONCE so I really try and make it an experience you won't forget by helping my seniors pick out their clothing.  Simply adding a boho hat or blazer to your outfit can take it from pretty basic to magazine worthy.   MagLove_What2WearShop_editedPIN How long will my session last? Your session will last 4-5 hours! I always allow at least 2 hours of shooting time, often times shooting well over 2 hours. Summer sessions are the longest (thanks to the longer days).  This may seem like a long time BUT I promise you that this will pass by very fast! I move quickly and often times shoot in fields, or other quiet places, so a lot of clothing changes are done in the car. I always encourage my seniors to change up their look by bringing 3-4 outfits with 1-2 alternative pieces. Bring jackets, jewelry, and other fun stuff to layer and accessorize with. After my session... After our session is over I will begin editing your photos. You do not have to worry about blemishes (big or small!). I will edit your photos so that you will be FLAWLESS! This process takes me 10-14 days and after I am done is when we will have our viewing session. What is a Premier Ordering Session? Your premier ordering session will take place about 2 weeks after your session. Here you will see your entire gallery of edited images (30-50 images). I will also have plenty of samples ready-wall art, custom heirloom albums, and specialty products. I will show you how your photos will look on your walls in different sizes and clusters. I want to be there to guide you whether you want a beautiful canvas for your wall or a keepsake album. I find that most of my clients literally have no idea how to display their keepsake images and it is my job to help them decide. During our in-home premier viewing session I encourage you to bring your friends, family, and anyone else you want. I try and make this a fun experience for everyone involved! After you view your images we will decide which ones are your favorite and from there I will guide you through each one of my customizable collections, measure your walls, and  help you pick out products that complement your needs and tastes. BKP_Wall_display2PIN   BKP_PUBPINPIN  

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