What Products Should I Order?

One of the biggest questions a senior or their parents asks is, “What products should I order”? It can be a minefield, and feel overwhelming to navigate the product ordering. Clients often arrive to their ordering session without a holistic view of how the process works, or what their role is. Here are some tips to make your ordering session go smoothly! -Ask clarifying questions about the packages your photographer offers. Be sure to find out WHEN your ordering session is, WHAT will happen during that session, and HOW to best prepare. Do you need to arrive with your payment ready? Do you need to have a written tally of each item? Will you have a chance to order after the session, or is this your only chance? These are all highly important questions to ask before you even book your session! -Find out exactly how many prints you need: Before your ordering session or meeting with your photographer after your session, find out how many loved ones need or want photos. Add in prints for graduation announcements (if you are planning to send wallets out with physical announcements), prints for friends, prints to display at your graduation party, and any other reasons you may need physical prints. -Ask to see and touch the products your photographer offers: Your photographer often keeps samples in their studio, and can provide you physical examples of the products you can choose from. Ask to see sizes, types and various finishes so you can see exactly what you need and want. Items such as signing boards, collage boards, photo boxes, and albums are best seen in person rather than online, where colors and textures are not as clear. -Find out when your product or items will arrive: If you are trying to send out photo gifts or announcements, be sure to have a timeline from your photographer and allow some leeway so you don’t cut it too close. Also be sure to ask them if they offer graduation announcement styles as well, so you can eliminate one item off your to-do list. Some photographers offer this service, making it a seamless process. -Measure! This crucial step is often missed by parents and seniors alike. Perhaps you’ve seen a gorgeous canvas and you take it home only to discover it is the wrong size for the wall you were hoping to display it on. Unfortunately, this blunder happens much more than you realize. Write down measurements for walls if you are hoping to display a large print or product prominently, and then come home and happily hang it in the perfect spot when it arrives! A great senior photographer will be able to field your questions, and will guide you through the process with clear, concise information. Don’t be afraid to ask questions… in the end, you and your photographer will walk away satisfied if you come prepared and willing to learn!